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Friday, August 08, 2008

Simple Preferences VIs

NIWeek was very informative. I got to talk to a lot of customers who use Macs and got a lot of feedback.

I was talking to Travis Pape (pronounced poppy) about his really cool iBike app (LabVIEW built app for Windows and Mac that allows access to iBike computer). We were talking about the difficulties he was having with preference files, and I suggested he simplify the code.

I wrote two VIs that access the OS preference mechanism. They allow you to store key/value pairs for your application. I've posted these VIs at:

Another example of using vi.lib/Platform/CFString.llb and CallLibraryFunction nodes. Took about 20 minutes to look up the functions, wire it all up, and then use Polish VIs to add the documentation.

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