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Monday, April 22, 2013

About LabVIEW, Wait, Correction, About My App

I've had several customers creating applications with LabVIEW, and wanting to show their own About … window instead of About LabVIEW … window.

The first thing to notice, is that while you are in the editor, it will always have the "About LabVIEW …" text in the application menu. However, when you build your application, it will change to "About …" Remember that while you're running the LabVIEW editor, LabVIEW still owns the LabVIEW menu.

Even though the menu changes from "About LabVIEW …" to "About …" it still behaves like "About LabVIEW…" in your built app. The trick is to create a VI named "" and add it as an Always Included source in your application.

When "About…" is selected in your built application, your will be run. If you want behavior like LabVIEW's About window, you can just use an event structure with a Mouse Down in Pane. That way, just clicking on the front panel dismisses the About Window.

This is an image rich and text poor post, but I wanted to make it easy to scan and see what you can do to replace the About… behavior.

I believe this can be done on Windows and Linux also, but I haven't tried it.

UPDATE: Someone just pointed me to a NI Developer Zone article on the same subject (sans pictures).

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